Top Eight GovCon Tips for Success In Government Contracting

Success in Government contracting can seem impossible. Beyond capabilities, it is about tenacity and strategy. Play the long game and implement these GovCon tips to win contract awards.

Tip:1: Understanding your Capacity and Service Regions

Do you have the capital and resources to sell products or services nationally to the government or would local be a better fit? Resources could include setting aside a budget for equipment, travel, and any services you need to outsource. Do you have the capacity to serve as a prime, subcontractor or both? 

Tip 2: Identify your Top Product and Service Codes

Identify your North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and other government agency-recognized codes. Further, understand that different agencies may recognize different codes that also identify your products or services.

Tip 3: Know WHO in the Government Buys What You Sell

Although the government buys most everything, not all agencies will buy what you sell regularly. Conduct research to determine which agencies are the best fit for your product or service. Learn all that you can about agency preferences, pain points, contacts, etc.

Tip 4: Know WHAT Certifications/Registration Make You More Marketable

Leverage certifications. Get certified as a Small, Woman, Minority, Veteran, or HUBZone company and registered in SAM before approaching government agencies. However, understand that you may not qualify for all certifications or contract vehicles that would benefit you from the start, but keep these as goals to obtain as you gain experience. Partner with those who have them in the meantime.

Tip 5: Create a Capability Statement

A Capability Statement is your one-page marketing piece that lists your company Capabilities, Past Performance, Product Service codes, and Differentiators. You may need to create different versions to meet agncy needs. Make sure it stands out.

Tip 6: Create a GovCon Marketing Strategy

Build relationships with government agencies, which will take time so be patient! Attend outreach events, strategically plan emails and phone calls, attend matchmaking, leverage partnerships, respond to sources sought, etc. Just going to an event and sending one follow-up won’t cut it. That means, keep following up!

Tip 7: Start Bidding

You can’t win if you don’t bid. Submit bid and proposal responses for opportunities that are a fit. Create a “bid/no-bid” strategy that will allow you to easily weed out those that may be a waste of time and energy. Remember bidding goes along with marketing..not one or the other.

Tip 8: Rinse, Adjust, and Repeat!

Agency needs, processes, and procedures change constantly. Therefore, the research and strategies created in GovCon tips 1-7 will change over time. Finally, re-visit each step at least once per quarter (and be prepared to pivot as requested by each agency) to ensure your strategy is still the most relevant and will result in contract awards.

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